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I wrote you 2 weeks ago and got a great response, thanks and sorry to bother you again. After that I was ordered TS-473a but cancelled it after I saw the hardware (TS-473 has a CPU from 2021)on UGREEN series and watch your videos. But I am very confused now.
I liked to use the NAS for backup my media over cloud (photos from my phone), create some WMs, SMB and Plex. So, I thought that UGREEN solution DXP6800 Pro has a perfect price/performance machine which I can use for a long time. But when I start to read software part I started to afraid because the software is not good enough and we could now will it be supported or not. I also create a WM for Truenas scale, it seems good but don't know can I trust third party apps for backup my media. Also, I want to start 2 -3 hdd not want to use all drives while I don't have that much data, so I need to be able add new disks and increase my pool. Is it possible on Truenas or other alternatives?
Thanks again,
Best regards,
Thanks for reaching out again! It sounds like you're looking for a more up-to-date NAS solution, and I've got just the recommendation for you. Have can consider the QNAP TVS-h474. It's a part of QNAP's latest lineup, offering cutting-edge features and performance that can meet your diverse needs.

The QNAP TVS-h474 comes equipped with powerful hardware and runs on QNAP's robust QTS operating system, ensuring seamless operation for tasks like media backup, VM creation, SMB, and Plex streaming. With its advanced capabilities and modern design, the TVS-h474 is well-suited to handle your requirements with ease.

Moreover, the TVS-h474 offers excellent expandability options, allowing you to effortlessly add more drives as your storage needs grow. This flexibility ensures that your NAS remains adaptable to changes in your media library and other data storage requirements, providing a future-proof solution for your needs.

Additionally, if you're interested in using the ZFS file system for enhanced data integrity and management, the TVS-h474 supports ZFS. QNAP has recently introduced the option to add drives to ZFS, a feature not commonly found in other systems like TrueNAS, providing you with added flexibility and control over your storage setup.

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