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4-bay NAS

Hello, I hope this message finds you.
I am looking for a NAS that does generally back up and is a 4k plex server for potentially multiple people streaming at once
I kickstarted the ugreen 4800 plus. but watching more videos. I dont know if I should just buy the synology ds423+
I like the hardware specs on paper of the ugreen but the established brand of synology is nice.

It's great to hear that you're considering investing in a NAS for your backup needs and as a 4K Plex server. Both the UGREEN 4800 Plus and the Synology DS423+ have their strengths, so let's break it down for you:

UGREEN 4800 Plus:

The UGREEN NAS offers impressive hardware specs, making it a powerful option for running a Plex server and handling multiple streams simultaneously.
It's a newer player in the market but promises high performance, especially with its quad-core processor and ample RAM.
With RAID 5 support and the ability to expand storage, it provides flexibility for your storage needs.
Synology DS423+:

Synology is a well-established brand known for its reliability, user-friendly interface, and robust features.
The DS423+ may have slightly lower hardware specs compared to the UGREEN 4800 Plus, but it makes up for it with Synology's optimized software ecosystem and long-term support.
It offers seamless integration with Plex and other third-party applications, ensuring a smooth media streaming experience.
Considering your budget and requirements, either option could serve you well. If you prioritize raw hardware power and are willing to explore a newer player in the market, the UGREEN 4800 Plus could be a great choice. However, if you value the assurance of a reputable brand with a proven track record, the Synology DS423+ offers reliability and extensive software support.

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