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What to do.

I have two QNAP 3 bay NA's which one is the main NAS (TS-351 2x500gb nvme and 3x2tb) and the other a backup TS-328 (3x2tb) Both raid 5. I have just decomissioned a Synology DS414 due to age with 2x2tb and 2x1gb running SHR. I was looking to perhaps get a little more space from looking at potentially upgrading my main nas to a 4 or 5 bay and changing the TS351 to backup (probably just a raid 0 although I don't like that idea as there is no failure tolerance). I do back up to several other sources too. So what I am looking for is a sensible file store option to I can move on the DS414 and the TS-328 but I don't need a media server as I have a mini pc for that and something I can re-use the NVME in and also add the 2x2tb to to up my space.
I am wary of synology now due to compatability of non synology drives but loved the SHR which meant I could fill it with spre disks as an extra backup before I got cloud storeage and local storage on other devices. what would you recommend I look at?
Given your preference for QNAP products and the need for a cost-effective solution, the QNAP TS-462 or TS-464 series could be ideal for your file storage needs. These NAS units offer excellent performance and flexibility, making them suitable for your backup requirements without the need for a media server.

With their 4-bay configurations, both the TS-462 and TS-464 provide ample space to accommodate your existing drives and expand your storage capacity as needed. You'll have the option to configure RAID for data redundancy and protection against drive failures, ensuring the safety of your backups.

Moreover, QNAP NAS devices typically offer broad compatibility with various drive brands and models, which should alleviate any concerns you may have about drive compatibility.

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