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Help!! Which NAS?

Firstly, I enjoy watching your videos. However, I am facing a dilemma. I use my 40TB wdPr4100 for my small business, file storage, and Plex. It's time to upgrade, but I am confused about what to get. Should I opt for QNAP's hardware or Synology's software? I am concerned about QNAP's security issues. I want a durable solution that won't require a major upgrade for at least 6 years. Also, I'm curious about your suggestions for hard drives. I typically go for WD red, but given their current issues, I'm not sure. Based on your builder, the models that caught my attention are the TS-462 and the DS1522+. Thank you for your help!
Considering your concerns about security and the need for a durable solution without major upgrades for at least 6 years, I'd recommend focusing on the QNAP TS-462 or TS-464 series. These models offer solid hardware performance and robust security features, addressing your worries about QNAP's security issues. Moreover, with their sturdy build and reliable components, they're designed to provide long-term stability and reliability, ensuring your investment lasts for years to come. Additionally, for hard drives, while WD Red drives are popular, you may want to explore alternatives like Seagate IronWolf or Toshiba N300 drives, considering recent concerns. These drives offer comparable performance and reliability, providing you with peace of mind for your storage needs. With the QNAP TS-462 or TS-464 series coupled with reliable hard drives, you'll have a durable and secure NAS solution that meets your requirements for your small business, file storage, and Plex usage.

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