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Which NAS Should i upgrade to? (clarification)

Hi i sent you amessage earlier where you mentioned 2 units in your response and i believe that i was misunderstood. I wanted more slots for extra hard drives. The DS920+ i have now have 4 slots and the 2 you mentioned also have 4 slots and was hoping for one with at least 5 to 8 slots for hard drives.
Additional detail: I was hoping to find one that does the media library/streming role the same or (preferably) better than the DS920+. Increase the performance, with GPU or it just being an improvement to begin with.
Thanks for the first answer btw!
It appears that you're seeking a NAS solution with extensive storage capacity and robust multimedia capabilities. Synology doesn't offer NAS models with more than 4 bays that are specifically designed for multimedia tasks. However, you can expand the storage of the DS920+ by adding an expansion unit, providing up to 9 bays in total. Alternatively, you could consider purchasing a secondary NAS, like a budget-friendly J series model, and connect it to the main unit to serve as a media file source.

Regarding multimedia streaming, Synology's DS1821+ and other Plus series NAS with 5 or more bays are typically optimized for remote streaming up to 1080p videos. However, if all your streaming activities are conducted at home and you have compatible TVs, 4K and higher resolutions should work adequately. If you're specifically looking for a NAS tailored for multimedia tasks, the QNAP TVS-h874 stands out, offering multimedia features along with the option for GPU card upgrades. Feel free to explore more details and compare options using our NAS Finder tool to find the ideal solution for your needs.

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