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Drobo 801n issues

My 810n is misbehaving. I keep loosing the connection from 2 different Macs. It’s a backup, but some of my Data is only on the 810n, but not a lot. I am slowly copying this off the server. Any idea why I loose the connection?

Thinking I might swap to a Synology DS1821 and re-suse the 8 drives in it.

It sounds like your Drobo 810n is experiencing connectivity issues, which can be frustrating, especially when it comes to data backup and access. Connectivity problems could be caused by various factors such as network issues, firmware/software bugs, or hardware malfunctions. Since you mentioned considering a switch to a Synology DS1821, it could be a good move as Synology NAS devices are known for their reliability and robust features. The DS1821 offers ample storage capacity and advanced data management capabilities, which could better suit your needs, especially with a massive Plex library. Transferring your existing drives to the DS1821 can also help maintain your data integrity and streamline the transition process.
When transitioning from your Drobo 810n to a Synology DS1821, it's essential to note that the drives currently in your Drobo will need to be formatted to be compatible with the Synology NAS. This formatting ensures optimal performance and data integrity on the new system. Once formatted, you can then transfer your data from the Drobo drives to the DS1821, allowing you to maintain your data library while benefiting from the advanced features and reliability of the Synology NAS platform.

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