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Which NAS Should i upgrade to?

I have a DS920+ and im looking to get a new nas with more ports and some new drives to expand the size of it. Plex have stopped working for some reason so took it as a sign that it's time. I am a bit nervous that getting a synology again will result in me having the same issue as i had recently but im not sure.
Considering your requirement for a NAS with graphics capability similar to your DS920+ but with more ports and storage expansion, the TS-464 seems like a suitable alternative. It offers a comparable CPU to the DS920+ and provides additional features and ports for your needs. Alternatively, if you require even more power and versatility, the TS-h674 could be a viable option. This model allows for the installation of a GPU card, which can enhance its capabilities for tasks such as transcoding and running media applications like Plex. Both options provide flexibility and performance for your Plex server and storage expansion requirements.

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