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need expantion of my actual NAS Synology DS220+ which is now discontinued. looking for a 6 bay device

Good afternoon
I am looking for a replacement of my DS220+ from synology. I do have business some of my contractor are overseas so I will need a reliable way for them to access their files on the cloud. I am looking for a 6-bay device.
I had some issues with Synology and tech support is not the best, everything I need to go to the blog. The real-person tech support is minimal.
I would like to have good tech support as I am not an expert but I can set thing up if guided correctly.
thank you for your great videos and one of them is what I want to expand. I liked the idea of baying 6 bays and only using 4 and leaving the other two for expansion, I think that is very smart!!
Thank you
Thank you for reaching out! Considering your requirements and the need for reliable tech support, I would recommend the QNAP TS-664. This 6-bay NAS offers robust performance and ample storage capacity for your business needs. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process, you should find it relatively straightforward to configure, even without extensive technical expertise. Additionally, QNAP typically provides comprehensive tech support resources, including live chat, forums, and knowledge base articles, to assist users in troubleshooting and setting up their devices. The TS-664 also supports various cloud services, allowing your overseas contractors to access their files securely from anywhere. With your budget of $2000, you can easily acquire the TS-664 along with sufficient storage capacity to meet your requirements.

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