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Nas upgrades

I am currently looking for a more powerfull and capable nas unit to replace my older QNAP TS-431K.

Our current setup involves 17 users who are coppying files and folders to and from the server over gigabit ethernet (running through 10Gbe fibre to the main switch with the nas connected to it, using that switch's gigabit ports) on an hourly basis. These files are on the small side (10-40MB), with the largest files that will ever need to be coppied being around 8GB. I also run two seperate partitions, one for the office documents and files and a second for employee data and other backend business stuff.

Would the synology DS-1522+ or the DS-1821+ be a better sollution. The ssd caching abilities on both of these are very appealing. Can I run a 2TB/4TB nvme cache for each individual partition and would a read/write cache be better for accessing the most recent files quickly or should I use those for BTRFs indexing instead? Would you recommend a different nas?
Based on your requirements and setup involving 17 users frequently copying files over gigabit Ethernet, both the Synology DS1522+ and DS1821+ could be suitable upgrades from your current QNAP TS-431K. However, considering your need for SSD caching abilities, the DS1821+ might be the better solution due to its higher scalability and expandability options. You can indeed run a 2TB or 4TB NVMe cache for each individual partition, and for your scenario, employing a read/write cache could be more beneficial for accessing the most recent files quickly. Alternatively, you could allocate the NVMe SSDs for BTRFs indexing to enhance file system performance. Given your specific requirements and preferences, the DS1821+ seems like a promising option with its robust features and potential for accommodating your growing business needs.

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