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NAS Upgrade

I had a NAS system built in early 2023 specifically to stream movies over a home network. I purchased the individual components, but the unit itself was put together by a computer store. I discovered recently from viewing a couple of your YouTube videos that the drive does not have a processor necessary for playing larger files, such as 4K. I need advice as to what I should do now to upgrade the unit. Should I purchase another one with a built-in processor? Should I purchase a dedicated PC to stream files from the NAS? I am a novice, so I apologize if my questions don't make sense. Any assistance would be appreciated.

SPECS: Synology 4-Bay DiskStation DS923+, SAMSUNG 980 PRO 500GB PCIe NVMe Gen4 Internal Gaming SSD M.2 (MZ-V8P500B), and Timetec DDR4-2666 16GB Replacement for Synology D4ECSO-2666-16G DDR4 ECC Unbuffered SODIMM 2666MHz PC4-21300 260 Pin 1.2V CL19 Dual Rank 2Rx8 Memory RAM Upgrade (D4ECSO-2666-16G_TT) x2
Based on your setup with the Synology DS923+, which lacks a dedicated video processing unit for handling larger files like 4K videos, you have a couple of options for upgrading. While the DS423+ comes equipped with a built-in video chip, unfortunately, the CPU in Synology NAS units cannot be replaced. One viable solution is to consider using a small NUC PC dedicated to transcoding purposes. Alternatively, you might explore QNAP's 74 series NAS models, which can be equipped with a GPU card to handle the transcoding workload more efficiently. These options should enhance your streaming experience and allow for smoother playback of 4K content over your home network.

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