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DS918+ plex

I'm currently using a NAS for my home theater plex, and a few friends[4 max, rarely] it has been bullet proof for the last 4 years with no problems. I'm looking to expand my storage capacity, but I'm unsure which route to take.

Option 1 would be upgrading to x4 20-24tb drives. I currently use the WD Red pro 14tb drives so this would be most likely the easiest. Concerns with this would be that the DS918+ is aging, and while it hasnt given me any problems YET, might there be some issues with the larger drives?

Option 2 would be adding a DX517 expansion unit, and adding more 14tb drives. this would keep everything simple, but it would also end up costing about the same as option 1, so, this eliminates any cost comparison/concerns. I've never used an expansion unit so I would be unfamiliar with how Plex would perform.

Option 3 would be to upgrade the DS918+ with the newer gen DS923+ and also the DX517. This would obviously be the most expensive option.

Any feedback would be LIT
It's great to hear that your NAS setup has been serving you well for your Plex needs! Considering your desire to expand your storage capacity, let's weigh the options you've outlined:

Option 1 - Upgrade Drives: Upgrading to x4 20-24TB drives, such as the WD Red Pro series, seems like a straightforward approach. However, it's important to note that using larger drives might put a bit more strain on your aging DS918+. While it hasn't given you any issues yet, there's a chance that larger drives could lead to compatibility or performance issues down the line.

Option 2 - Expansion Unit: Adding a DX517 expansion unit and more 14TB drives would maintain simplicity in your setup. However, this option would end up costing about the same as Option 1, without necessarily addressing the potential aging concerns of your DS918+. Plex performance should be fine with this setup, as long as the expansion unit is properly integrated and configured.

Option 3 - Upgrade NAS and Expansion Unit: Upgrading to the newer DS923+ along with the DX517 expansion unit would certainly provide you with the latest hardware and potentially better longevity. However, as you mentioned, this would be the most expensive option.

Given your current setup's reliability and the desire to keep costs in check, Option 2 might be the most sensible choice. Adding the expansion unit and sticking with 14TB drives would provide the extra capacity you need while maintaining compatibility and simplicity. Just ensure that the expansion unit is compatible with your DS918+ and that you follow proper setup procedures to ensure smooth Plex performance.

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