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QNAP TR-004 slow when attached to desktop

I have been trying to figure out why my QNAP TR-004 is comparatively slow when connected directly to my Mac Studio via USB, as compared to when I access it over a local 10GBe network and it is attached to my QNAP TVS872XT. I have 4 20TB Ironwolf drives configured in Raid 0, and when I connect to the TR-004 via the TVS872XT, I get read speeds up to about 1000 MB/s, but when I connect it directly to my Mac Studio, that drops to 200 MB/s (and sometimes it caps out at 40 MB/s). I have filed a ticket with QNAP support, but they are not very helpful in figuring this out. I thought you might have some perspective on what might be going on here to help me diagnose or fix the problem. The issue is that I sometimes need to use the TR-004 as a DAS (when traveling), and sometimes I need it connected to a NAS for access. If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate it!
It sounds like you're experiencing significant speed differences when connecting your QNAP TR-004 directly to your Mac Studio via USB compared to accessing it over a local 10GbE network attached to your QNAP TVS872XT. This discrepancy could be due to several factors, including the hardware capabilities of your Mac Studio versus your QNAP NAS. While your TVS872XT may provide better performance due to its robust hardware designed for NAS functions, your Mac Studio's USB connection might not be optimized for high-speed data transfer, especially with RAID configurations. Additionally, the TR-004's performance as a DAS (Direct Attached Storage) might vary depending on the host device's capabilities.

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