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Help comparing 2 Nases

Hi, Ive been pouring over your reviews of 2 particular Nas machines and cant decide between them
1. Qnap TS435 short rackmount
2. Terramaster u8-450

I realise the terramaster has 8 bays, which is more than I need, but good for the future while the Qnap has some inbedded graphics. I don't have any use for plex, or similar, as I don't have any media on hard drives (for now) and mainly need a file server to run NextCloud and VMs, maybe some VOIP phones.
I have 10gb networking so both are attractive in their 2 SFP+ ports.

I cant decide between the cheaper QNAP with "better" software and embedded graphics or the slightly more expensive non graphics Terramaster which offers more future proofing and the ability to have TrueNas. My only worry is the very low end CPU - Atom C3558. It seems less powerful than a £50 raspberry pi - should I be worried about it.

I would love your thoughts, thanks in advance.
Comparing the QNAP TS435 and TerraMaster U8-450:


Pros: Cheaper price, renowned QTS software, embedded graphics for basic media transcoding.
Cons: Only 4 bays, lower-powered CPU compared to U8-450.
TerraMaster U8-450:

Pros: 8 bays for future storage expansion, more powerful CPU, compatibility with TrueNAS.
Cons: Slightly more expensive, TOS software may have fewer apps compared to QTS.

Both suitable for file serving, Nextcloud, and VOIP phones.
U8-450's CPU better for demanding applications like VMs.
Both have 10Gb networking.

Prioritize user-friendliness and lower cost: QNAP TS435.
Need future expandability and plan on demanding workloads: TerraMaster U8-450.

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