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QNAP Plex and HDMI

Now that QNAP has removed Plex from its HD Station, what is the point of HDMI output now? Even QNAP said that including "HDMI out" on it's Plex page was misleading.
I get where you're coming from. QNAP's decision to remove Plex from HD Station might seem puzzling, especially for those who relied on it for media playback. However, HDMI output on QNAP NAS devices still serves several purposes beyond Plex.

Firstly, HDMI output allows you to directly connect your NAS to a TV or monitor, transforming it into a multimedia hub. You can access various multimedia content stored on your NAS, including photos, videos, and music, and play them directly on the big screen. Additionally, you can use the HDMI output for surveillance purposes, enabling you to monitor your IP cameras in real-time using QNAP's Surveillance Station.

Furthermore, QNAP's HDMI output supports various applications beyond Plex, such as virtualization, multimedia streaming, and even running a desktop environment. You can leverage QNAP's Virtualization Station to create virtual machines, turning your NAS into a versatile computing platform. Additionally, you can use multimedia applications like Kodi or VLC to stream content directly from your NAS to your TV or monitor.

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