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Hi Thank you for providing this services. This is my first time being in contact with you.
I have an arhcitecture firm i started 5 years ago.
I started off with DS223J 2 Bay. This had a fault so i upgrade about a year ago to DS224+
i have this nas synced with a second nas at my house for backup.
in both nas i have 2 8tb hard drives.
the one in the office (DS224+) is almost full.
should i upgrade to a larger nas or buy an extension pack?
i have seen a few extension packs.
i noticed one is a 5 bay. how does this work with raid set up.
thank you
For your architecture firm's NAS storage expansion needs, considering the limitations of the DS224+ in terms of expansion support, I'd recommend a couple of options. Firstly, you could opt to purchase another NAS unit, perhaps a cost-effective J series model, and link them together via mapped shared folders. This way, you can effectively expand your storage capacity by distributing data across both NAS units. Alternatively, if you prefer a simpler solution, you could replace the existing 8TB drives with larger capacity ones to accommodate your growing storage requirements. Both options offer scalability and flexibility to meet your business needs now and in the future.

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