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Please please could I get some help. After watching your YouTube for the last 6 months I finally managed to purchase a motherboard and cpu combo. After realising I can't afford the rest I quit and sent it back for a full refund.
All I wanted is nextcloud and I have realised this might be possible just using a hdd attached to my asus RT-AC88U router. I've managed to set everything up as its meant to be except the free url of points to aicloud by asus(absolutely garbage to use). When I try signing up to nextcloud with this url it just keeps failing. I'm guessing I need to somehow stop my url from opening aicloud and point it to my storage location.
I'm baffled how to do this I'm hoping it's a simple setting in my router or portforward or something. I contacted nextcloud about this and the just sent back a link for a paid service which I can't afford and there's no guarantee I'll get sorted so I'm stuck. Any help would be much appreciated please and thank you
I've read through your message about configuring Nextcloud on your Asus RT-AC88U router, and I have a suggestion that might simplify the process for you: Tailscale.

Tailscale is a secure network tool that makes it easy to connect your devices, even if they're behind firewalls or NATs. Here's how you can use Tailscale to access your Nextcloud server without dealing with port forwarding or DNS settings:

Install Tailscale: Start by installing Tailscale on your Asus RT-AC88U router and on the devices you want to access Nextcloud from (e.g., your computer, phone, tablet).

Create a Tailscale Network: Once installed, create a Tailscale network. This will allow your devices to communicate securely with each other over the internet.

Connect Devices: Join all your devices to the Tailscale network. This will give them unique IP addresses that can be used to communicate with each other.

Access Nextcloud: Now, instead of using the URL, you can access your Nextcloud server using the Tailscale IP address of your router. Tailscale provides a DNS name for your devices, making it easy to remember and access them.

By using Tailscale, you won't have to worry about port forwarding or DNS configuration. It's a simple and secure way to access your Nextcloud server from anywhere.

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