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Ds1821+ m2ssd upgrade



I've decided to set up a NAS to serve as a file server at my workplace, and I've chosen the Synology DS1821+ model. I plan to install 2x16GB 2666MHz Kingston RAM with 19 CL. However, I'm concerned about the compatibility of M.2 SSDs. Synology's own compatible M.2 SSDs are twice as expensive as the Samsung 990 Pro 1TB models. As an alternative, what are the most efficient M.2 SSDs I can use? We'll mainly be accessing the device externally, and we have 1000 Mbps download/upload speeds in the office.
For your Synology DS1821+ NAS setup, going with Kingston RAM is a wise move to boost overall performance. When it comes to M.2 SSDs, while Synology's recommendations are reliable, they tend to be on the pricier side. Thankfully, you have cost-effective alternatives like the Samsung 990 Pro 1TB models, offering excellent performance and reliability. Notably, Synology supports third-party NVMe SSDs, primarily for caching purposes. However, it's worth noting that NVMe pools are typically limited to Synology-branded sticks or require a workaround to include other brands. Given your office's 1000 Mbps download/upload speeds, these SSDs should capably manage external file access. Just ensure compatibility with your DS1821+ model to prevent any issues. With your budget and storage requirements accounted for, this configuration promises to serve as a robust file server solution for your workplace.

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