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OpenVPN Server and NAS

I have a TerraMaster F4-223. Just obtained. 32 Gb RAM. 4 10Tb SATA WD HDs. I have a Netgear RT-AC56U router, which supports a built-in OoenVPN server. I'd like to configure it so my NAS will be accessible remotely. The last time I configured and used a VPN was a PPTP server on W7. Yes, a while back. I used it to HoySync my Palm TX remotely, and it was great. Now I want to sync an Android calendar app (Pimlical) using my OpenVPN server and the Android OpenVPN client. I can establish a connection between my Android and my VPN server, but need to know how to let the Android app see the NAS for synchronization. Where should I look?
Here are some general steps that you might consider (refer to your NAS and router manuals for specific instructions):

Configure OpenVPN server on Netgear RT-AC56U router:

Access your router's web interface.
Locate the OpenVPN server settings.
Enable the OpenVPN server and configure the necessary settings like server address, username, password, etc.
Download the OpenVPN client configuration file for your Android device.
Configure OpenVPN client on Android device:

Install an OpenVPN client app on your Android device (if not already installed).
Import the downloaded OpenVPN configuration file from step 1.
Connect to the OpenVPN server using the client app.
Configure TerraMaster F4-223 NAS for remote access:

Access the NAS web interface.
Locate the remote access settings.
Enable remote access and configure the necessary settings like allowed IP addresses or hostname.
Configure Android calendar app (Pimlical) for NAS synchronization:

In the Pimlical app settings, look for options related to remote synchronization or cloud storage.
It might involve providing the NAS IP address or hostname (accessible through the VPN connection) and credentials for accessing the NAS storage.
Additional Tips:

Make sure both your NAS and router are up-to-date with the latest firmware.
Consult the TerraMaster F4-223 NAS manual for specific instructions on enabling remote access and supported synchronization protocols.
Refer to the Pimlical app documentation for guidance on configuring remote synchronization with a NAS device.

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