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Can I set up a combination NAS and media streamer using a Raspberry Pi5 and OpenMediaVault?

I want to be able to access and store files (e.g., Word files, Excel files, photos, etc.) as well as stream media to various computers on my home network.

Thank you.

Absolutely! You can definitely set up a combination NAS and media streamer using a Raspberry Pi 5 and OpenMediaVault (OMV). OpenMediaVault is a free and open-source network-attached storage (NAS) software that provides an easy-to-use web interface for managing your storage and services.

With OpenMediaVault installed on your Raspberry Pi 5, you can access and store various files like Word documents, Excel sheets, photos, and more. Additionally, you can configure OMV to stream media to different devices on your home network, making it a versatile solution for your needs.

To get started, you'll need to install OpenMediaVault on your Raspberry Pi 5, set up your storage drives, configure users and permissions, and then enable the necessary services for media streaming. OMV supports various plugins and extensions that can enhance its functionality, including media server plugins like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin for streaming media.

Overall, using a Raspberry Pi 5 with OpenMediaVault is a cost-effective and efficient way to create your own NAS and media streaming solution for your home network.

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