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Hello. I'm looking for a prebuilt NAS, including OS, excluding storage. I currently use Jellyfin; I won't pay a subscription to stream my own content. I need to run an AirPrint server to print natively from iPhone to a network-attached printer. I'd like to run a node.js instance. I would like a product not from an American or Chinese company. European or Taiwanese are ok. Thanks.
Given your requirements and budget, I would recommend the Synology DS224+. It's a 2-bay NAS that comes with DiskStation Manager (DSM) pre-installed, providing a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features. The DS224+ should be able to handle your Jellyfin media server, AirPrint server, and node.js instance effectively. It offers dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for network connectivity and supports various RAID configurations for data protection and flexibility. Additionally, it falls within your budget of $500 excluding storage. While the DS423+ offers more storage bays for scalability, the DS224+ may better suit your current needs and budget. However, if you anticipate significant storage expansion in the future, the DS423+ could be a more future-proof option. Ultimately, consider your immediate requirements and potential future needs when making your decision.

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