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How to install the OS and configure RAID

So have TVS-472XT with i3 Intel CPU. Updated memory to dual 32gb SODIMM modules, and have ordered a QNAP QM2-2P-244A Dual M.2 22110/2280 Pcie SSD Expansion Card (PCIe Gen2 X4). I have some visual impairment so since had one open slot bought that card for 2 NVME 2TB modules. Existing RJ45 10Gb ethernet is enough and QNAP will be wired to my WIfi7 Netgear router with 1Gb ports and Cat 8 cables.

I will have all this ready by next weekend. I could use some guidance on what OS software to install and where to obtain. Is this where to go?

Should I Install QTS or QTS Hero? Btw I have a Roon Nucleus server and Apple Mac Mini M2 cpu with 16gb ram and 1Tb SSD for MacOS

QNAP Qsync for Mac? Is there software on the Download Center i can install to setup my two RAID-5s and daily management?
Yes, you can download OS here
Hero is more resource-demanding. I would go for regular QTS.
Qnap sync is here
You can set up multiple RAID5 if you have enough bays. With 4 bay you can have two RAID1 or single raid5.

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