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Energy efficient surveillance software?

Good Evening,

I have recently built my little NAS, running on UnRAID, which set up easily,3 drives plus a parity drive, all the same size, cos it seemed easier. I have three CCTV cameras (ANNKE) which used to run on SecuritySpy, a MacOS specific bit of software. I have tried AgentDVR, but the CPU usage on that is horrendous. I have recently inquired with BenSoftware, who do SecuritySpy if there is a version that will run on UnRAID, and am currently awaiting their response.
Assuming the expected answer (No) it leads on to two questions. Firstly, is there a better option than AgentDVR to run as an alternative, (I've looked at Blue Iris, but I think that runs in a Windows VM?, which is not an option for me, haven't used microsoft for about 16yrs!). And secondly, is impossible to run a MacOS VM on UnRAID? I think I saw an article by yourself about it a while ago. But that would involve formatting a drive? and they're already formatted and working in a RAID Array?

Of course I could just keep running SecuritySpy on an iMac and just use the NAS as a receptacle for the recorded footage.

Thoughts and options, and please remember I'm still very much a novice at this! Although I have got JellyFin working pretty well  Cool

Best Regards

For energy-efficient surveillance software options, you might consider open-source solutions like ZoneMinder or Shinobi. These platforms offer flexibility and can run on various operating systems, including Linux, which aligns with your UnRAID setup. Additionally, they provide features for managing CCTV cameras efficiently while keeping CPU usage in check. As for running a MacOS VM on UnRAID, while technically feasible, it might require additional configuration and resources, potentially impacting system performance. Given your setup and preferences, leveraging the NAS as a storage solution while running surveillance software directly on a separate device, such as an iMac, could be a practical solution.

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