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I was wondering if you had a good build list for this project.

I Built the Jonsbo N3 NAS ($599 Intel i9 Erying TrueNAS SCALE Build)
Here's a suggested build list:

Case: Jonsbo N3 NAS Case

This compact and stylish case is specifically designed for NAS builds and should provide ample space for your components.
Motherboard: Mini-ITX Motherboard compatible with TrueNAS SCALE

Look for a Mini-ITX motherboard that supports your chosen processor and TrueNAS SCALE operating system. Ensure it has sufficient SATA ports for your storage drives.
Processor (CPU): Intel Core i9 Processor

Choose an Intel Core i9 processor that meets your performance requirements. Ensure compatibility with both your motherboard and TrueNAS SCALE.
Memory (RAM): DDR4 RAM

Select DDR4 RAM modules compatible with your motherboard. Aim for at least 16GB of RAM, but consider more if your budget allows or if you plan to run multiple applications simultaneously.
Storage Drives: NAS-Optimized Hard Drives

Invest in high-capacity NAS-optimized hard drives suitable for your storage needs. Consider reputable brands like WD Red or Seagate IronWolf for reliable performance and data integrity.
Power Supply Unit (PSU): SFX Power Supply

Choose a reliable SFX power supply unit with sufficient wattage to power your components. Ensure it has the necessary connectors for your motherboard and drives.
Cooling System: Low-Profile CPU Cooler and Case Fans

Opt for a low-profile CPU cooler to fit within the compact confines of the Jonsbo N3 case. Additionally, consider adding case fans for adequate airflow and temperature management.
Operating System: TrueNAS SCALE

Install TrueNAS SCALE as your operating system for robust NAS functionality, data protection, and management features.

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