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POS Set up with Sim Router


I am in a rural area of TN and an old building and I am opening a restaurant. It was suggested I go with a SIM router instead of the local internet carrier and I am trying to research what I will need to support the POS system along with possibly having another option for customers to join.
These are the requirements for the POS according to the company.

Guaranteed download of 3/1.5 up per device with the register itself needing 10 down/5up and has to be plugged in.
WiFi signal strength of a min of 60dBm in all areas...1200 SF area.
WiFi network should be at least WPA2 AES encryption
Avoid connecting equipment to internet router/gateway from your ISP. and
Best Practices would be to set static IP addresses on your periphial hardware or other devices not hardware to the payment system.
These are the things it says. Can you help with a recommendation that is economical for a start up that will fit in a tight budget. Thank you.
Thank you for reaching out regarding your restaurant's POS setup requirements. Given your location in a rural area with connectivity challenges, I'd recommend considering a Synology mesh system for local use within your establishment. Synology mesh systems provide robust and reliable WiFi coverage, ensuring that your POS devices and other equipment receive a stable connection throughout your restaurant space.

For external access, if a landline connection is feasible, it would be the preferred option due to its reliability and typically higher speeds. However, if a landline connection is not possible, alternatives such as Starlink or a SIM-based internet connection can be considered. These options can provide reliable connectivity in areas where traditional wired connections may not be available.

In summary, I suggest:

Implementing a Synology mesh system for local WiFi coverage within your restaurant.
Exploring the possibility of a landline connection for external access, prioritizing reliability and speed.
Considering alternatives such as Starlink or SIM-based internet if a landline connection is not feasible.

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