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DS423+ or DS923+

I have a DS220j with 2-4TB drives in a RAID 1 now and I really do like it. Going for the home user with family photos and videos and wanted something with a little more HP and capabilities that will be required for the next 5 years. There will be a promo coming up where I can get the DS923+ for $480, same price as the DS423+ and I have the same question as the guy did below in your review of the DS923+ but was not answered.
Synology DS923+ NAS Review - Hardware, DSM Apps, 10GbE, NVMe Storage Pools, Plex & EVERYTHING Else!

Thank you very much! -Terry

1 month ago
I want to use this server to share photos and videos with the family. The videos are not movies just videos taken from a camera. Android and IPhone. Should i look for a model that has video transcoding or will this server be enough for that purpose. Im concerned about the video sharing the family would probably like to view the video before deciding to download it.
Given your requirement for a NAS with enhanced capabilities to cater to your family's media storage needs, both the DS423+ and DS923+ are excellent options. However, since the DS923+ is available at the same price as the DS423+ due to a promotional offer, it presents an enticing opportunity to invest in more advanced features.

The DS923+ offers several advantages over the DS423+ that may benefit your use case:

Enhanced Performance: With a more powerful processor and additional RAM, the DS923+ provides improved performance for tasks such as media streaming and file transfers, ensuring smooth operation even with multiple users accessing the NAS simultaneously.
Future-Proofing: Investing in the DS923+ ensures that your NAS can meet evolving storage demands over the next five years, providing ample horsepower to handle increasingly larger media collections and additional users.
10GbE Support: The DS923+ comes with built-in 10GbE support, enabling faster network speeds if you decide to upgrade your network infrastructure in the future, enhancing overall data transfer speeds and reducing latency.
Enhanced Transcoding Capabilities: While both models support video transcoding, the DS923+ may offer better performance due to its more robust hardware specifications. This ensures smoother playback of media files on various devices without the need for manual transcoding.

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