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NAS drive for Photography storage & editing

Adobe Lightroom for cataloging, photoshop for processing. Presently, ReadyNAS 314, 4 x 4Tb RAID 5, 7.4Tb used 2.58 free. appx 5Tb for 65,000 images, rest is documents & 110,000 mp3. I add appx 10,000 images p.a. Processed files can reach 7Gb due to layers. My workflow, import RAW files using LR to 500Gb NVMe drive in date folders, do processing, then folders ( inc saved PS files) moved to NAS. Occasionally I reload a file from the NAS,a 7Gb file takes 6 minutes to load. I have Intel i9=13900K, and Z790 AORUS ELITE AX , (2.5Gbe lan connectivity). I have watched a dozen or so of the YT videos and found myself favouring the DS 1522+ 4 x 6Tb Ironwolf.
But: 1) should I add the network upgrade, cache memory & Synology ram, & would I benefit from their drives?
In light of your photography storage and editing needs, I recommend considering the Synology DS1522+ equipped with 4 x 6TB Ironwolf drives. This NAS solution offers robust performance and ample storage capacity to accommodate your growing collection of images and multimedia files.

Given your workflow involving Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, where processed files can be sizable due to layers, the DS1522+ with its powerful hardware and RAID configuration ensures smooth data access and management. The combination of an Intel i9-13900K processor and the DS1522+'s capabilities ensures efficient handling of your editing tasks, even with large file sizes.

Regarding your query about network upgrades, cache memory, Synology RAM, and drives, it's worth considering these enhancements to optimize your NAS's performance further. Upgrading the network to a faster connection, adding cache memory, and installing Synology RAM can enhance data transfer speeds and overall system responsiveness. Additionally, utilizing Synology drives ensures compatibility and reliability, contributing to the overall stability of your storage environment.

With a budget of £2,000, investing in these upgrades can significantly enhance your NAS experience, providing smoother workflow operations and faster access to your files. Ultimately, these enhancements contribute to an efficient and reliable storage solution tailored to your photography needs.

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