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NAS for photo's and surveillance

Hi there gents. I need a little guidance if possible.

I'm looking to get into my first NAS and move away from the cloud providers. My use case will be;
  • File sharing for the family e.g. work/school docs such as Word, Excel, PDF.
  • Photo management/storage (I particularly like the look of Synology Photo's).
  • Surveillance for a total of 6 cameras (Reolink), and I'd want one disk dedicated to this. I'm aware that I'd need to also purchase extra licences for this.
  • Home Assistant via container manager or VM.
  • We have a small amount of movies stored, but no transcoding would be needed.

Synology looks to be a good fit, so I initially narrowed it down to;
  • DS224+ (I've included this, but should I discount it with no backup given one of the disks would be dedicated to¬†surveillance?)
  • DS423+
  • DS723+¬†(Same question as the DS224+)
  • DS923+

I've also looked at the DVA series, but being honest, the four bay is way to expensive for me at the moment.

Would love your recommendations please.

Hey there! It sounds like you're diving into the exciting world of NAS, and Synology is indeed a solid choice for your needs. Considering your requirements for file sharing, photo management, surveillance, and running Home Assistant, let's narrow down your options. While the DS224+ is compact, its limitation with only two bays might pose a challenge if you're dedicating one disk to surveillance without redundancy. Instead, I'd recommend considering the DS423+ or DS723+. Both models offer ample storage capacity and performance for your tasks, with the DS723+ featuring a Ryzen CPU, which can handle virtual machines more efficiently. Plus, with their expandability and future-proofing, either of these options should serve you well for years to come. Happy NAS hunting!

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