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Looked at Highpoint's TB3 RAID Arrays?


Sorry I don't really have budget or storage quantity answers to give, I had been vacillating between a Synology, and a Thunderbolt RAID / DAS to take over from my current temporary solution of a 5GBPS USB multibay JBOD SMB shared from an old Mac Mini.

Storage is for for my new (to me) 2019 Mac Pro, which replaces my old 2009 Mac Pro.

My current experience with SMB shared storage has convinced me that for a Mac workstation, non-local, non APFS/HFS+ storage has enough little differences / painpoints that I don't really want to deal with it.

I found your reviews of Terramaster's DAS products very informative, the main weakness seemed to be inflexibility with adding drives / expanding the RAID. I can't quite figure with them whether the driver for the storage requires a permanent reduction in security mode for the system.

I happened on Highpoint's new US$599 Rocketstor RS6618V TB3 RAID DAS array (Vs. Terramaster's $1299 D8-332).

Any chance of a review?

In comparing the Highpoint Rocketstor RS6618V with Terramaster's offerings, it's clear that the Rocketstor has a notable advantage with its hardware RAID functionality and support for both SAS and SATA drives. This versatility allows for greater flexibility in configuring your storage array to suit your specific needs. While Terramaster offers similar potential in terms of SATA support, the absence of SAS compatibility could be a limiting factor for some users who require it for their setups. Overall, if SAS support is not a critical requirement for your storage solution, the Highpoint Rocketstor RS6618V emerges as a compelling choice with its robust feature set and competitive pricing.

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