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Welche NAS ist zu empfehlen?
WD PR4100 (g√ľnstig) oder Synonym DS923+ (teuer).
Hey there! When it comes to choosing between the WD PR4100 and the Synology DS923, it really depends on what you're aiming to do with your NAS setup. The WD PR4100 is indeed more budget-friendly, offering decent performance for basic storage needs and media streaming. However, if you're looking for a NAS with more robust features, especially for tasks like virtualization or intensive multimedia processing, the Synology DS923 would be the way to go despite the higher price tag. With its superior hardware specs and broader range of software capabilities, the DS923 ensures smoother performance and better scalability, which could be beneficial in the long run, especially if you're planning to expand your NAS usage over time. So, if you're in it for the long haul and need the extra horsepower, investing in the DS923 could be a smart move. Cheers!

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