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Jonsbo N3 motherboard space

Hello I'm looking into moving my server into a itx case. I'm interested in the jonsbo N3. I noticed while it's an itx build. There's a bit more space under. I wanted to ask if you could measure from the top of an installed mother board, down to the wall of the case? I think I could squeeze an matx into the space while using a flex PSU.
Unfortunately, attempting to fit an MATX motherboard (244mm x 203mm) is highly unlikely to be successful due to its larger size exceeding the N3's specified limitations.
Even if the motherboard physically fits, it might cause issues with other components like the PSU, CPU cooler, or cable management.
Using a Flex PSU might not offer enough power for an MATX build, especially if you plan to use powerful components.

The official Jonsbo N3 product page states that the maximum motherboard size supported is Mini-ITX (170mm x 170mm).
The maximum CPU cooler height is 130mm.

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