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Cloud Access NAS

I am starting a photography business and I need NAS storage inside my network, and also cloud access for my clients.

For the NAS storage I need to store client files in archive, and I need redundancy. Read write speeds to the NAS is not terribly important as this is archive only and not working files.

For the cloud access I need something that is easy to share with the clients. Currently I use Google Drive and create a folder and then share that folder with their email. Once they have downloaded the files I delete the folder. I want this same ease of sharing.

I already have a Unifi Dream Machine SE and I think it has cloud sharing, but I'm not sure how it functions. It seems that I would have to create an account for a client in order to share a folder.

I watched several of your YouTube videos to see if you covered this application and I didn't see anything. What would be your recommendations? This might be a good video to make for your channel.

Thank you,
For your photography business's storage needs, the Synology DS923+ is a stellar choice, offering robust features tailored to your requirements. With its photo and face recognition capabilities, organizing and accessing your extensive image library becomes seamless. Additionally, its potential for 10GbE upgrade ensures future-proofing, accommodating your evolving needs. Considering your emphasis on redundancy and ease of cloud access, the DS923+ excels with its versatile cloud sharing options, enabling hassle-free collaboration with clients. With ample storage capacity and the ability to incorporate NVMe caching for enhanced performance, this NAS ensures your data remains secure and accessible, making it an excellent investment for your business's growth.

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