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Best option for upgrading Plex config (Shield Pro + Synology)

Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for your videos, I've learned a lot !

Since I'm starting to get low on available space on my NAS (DS218j) I'm thinking about adding a new one and I'm a bit lost with all the available options ...

Here's my setup :
- PMS on Shield TV Pro 2019
- All media on a DS218j (2x 4GB HDD)
- iPad/iPhone/Apple TV/Shield TV (non pro 2019)

Generally 2 users as the same time.

My media consist of a mix of 1080P and 4K.

I want to get a new NAS (maybe a DS423+ starting with 2x 4TB) and add it to my current setup.

What's the best way to set things up ?

- Should I keep my PMS on the Shield or use the DS423+ to host the PMS and keep my Shield as a simple player ?
- Can I setup a master/slave (the master being the 423+) and everything running through it ?
- What are the first upgrades you'd make to the 423+ ? (SSD NVME for caching ? RAM ?)

Thanks a lot for your inputs !
Absolutely! Keeping both Plex servers, one on your Shield TV Pro and another on the DS423+, is a solid choice. Plex conveniently allows you to list all linked servers under one roof, enabling seamless streaming from either server using the same login credentials. This setup offers redundancy and flexibility, ensuring smooth playback for your mix of 1080P and 4K media across your devices. As for enhancing the DS423+, consider prioritizing storage expansion with larger HDDs or SSDs for caching to boost performance, especially for transcoding and streaming multiple media streams simultaneously. Additionally, adding more RAM to the DS423+ can further improve multitasking capabilities, ensuring smooth operation even with multiple users accessing media concurrently. For specific hardware recommendations, you can check out our NAS Finder tool [], which helps tailor upgrades to your exact needs.

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