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Home use nas with a mix of photo editing, media and backup

Looking for a NAS build with processing power to run Plex or other media servers, support RAID 5, fast network access for security Camera. In short a well versed NAS solution within a budget, doesn't have to be a ready made solution like the Synology or Terramaster etc. I can be a little technical for assembling one myself.
If you're aiming for a versatile NAS solution within your AU$800 budget, considering the DS423+ could be a smart move. With its quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor and transcoding engine, it's capable of handling Plex or other media servers smoothly. Moreover, its RAID 5 support ensures data redundancy, vital for your photo editing and backup needs. The DS423+ also offers fast network access, making it suitable for security camera applications. While it's a ready-made solution, its expandability and robust performance make it a wise investment for your home setup, ensuring it remains relevant for your needs in the years to come.
Apologies, I forgot to mention that I already have 5 x 4TB NAS drives in possession which I would like to use in this case.

The DS423+ comes with 2GB ram, how much do you believe I need to upgrade to in this use case?

When I looked at the 5-bay options all of them were above my budget.

Zimacube looks like a good option but not sure about it's availability, how does that compare? Is it worth the wait?

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