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DS918+ vs DS1019+?

What would be a better buy? I’m considering DS918+ vs DS1019 or maybe RS819.

I want to be able to manage my NAS as a domain controller, surveillance cameras backup plus backup for computers and use at a shared files server.

DS1019+ is the newer model vs 918+ but with one extra bay and I think more memory.

RS819 is rack mount and would love to get that one because I have a rack at my house but I think the services that can provide is far less than my other two options.

My total number of users will be from 1 to 7 plus the surveillance camera (8)

Thank you
Yes, there is no difference between DS918 and DS1019+ (only one bay). Rackmount version RS819 is much slower and features fewer functions built-in. Rack models usually feature more LAN ports because those are made with multi-user environments in mind. So everyone gets their own 1GbE bandwidth.But with 7 people 2X LAN ports will be fast enough. And you will also get SSD caching speeding things up.I hope this helps.

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