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Synology NAS DS723+

Hi NAS compares,

I am planning to buy Synology NAS DS723+ and i am having some doubts in that

1. Can i use M.2 SSD for storage without using any SATA SSD or HDD.(buying Only m.2 SSD for everything like OS installation multimedia storage)
2. Can i use regular SSD instead of using NAS SSD.
3. Can i use other brand SSD.
Unfortunately, you can't solely use M.2 NVMe SSDs for everything, including the OS installation. The DS723+ supports NVMe SSDs for caching purposes, but you'll still need to use traditional SATA SSDs or HDDs for the primary storage and OS installation.

Yes, you can use regular SSDs with the DS723+, but keep in mind that for caching, using NAS-rated SSDs is recommended due to their durability in continuous read and write operations. Regular SSDs will work, but they may wear out faster, especially in caching scenarios.

The DS723+ is compatible with various SSD brands. While Synology provides a compatibility list, many users have successfully used SSDs from different brands. Ensure the chosen SSD meets your performance and reliability requirements.

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