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HDD selection

Hello and thank you for your videos, I'm in the process of building my first home made NAS ( I already own a fully functional Synology DS920+) and as a guide I watched your 100k sub video ( , my system will be : motherboard Celeron N5105, RAM 32gb, M.2 SSD 500gb for the OS (second M.2 slot will have SATA x 6 expansion card). Are Seagate EXOS model ST16000NM001G or ST16000NM000J compatible with this build ? I would like to put Exos in this system since they have lower price than Ironwolf for the same amount of storage space and from what I understand they have better performance and are more quiet.
Appreciate your support and interest in the NAS build video! Regarding your question, the Seagate EXOS models ST16000NM001G or ST16000NM000J are indeed compatible with your setup. It's worth noting that while these drives are slightly louder, they are known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness. This makes them a solid choice for a NAS build where reliability is a key consideration. Always check for the latest compatibility updates on the motherboard manufacturer's website for added assurance.

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