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NAS Help

Hi, I'm looking to buy my first NAS. I've been researching for months now but feel I'm still miles away from being informed enough to choose a NAS on my own. It's for personal/family use (max 6 persons using it). Main purpose will be file storage from phones/laptops and accessing files (mostly docs&photos) remotely. I also want to invest in good streaming capabilities. A simple, usable interface will be key for me. Surveillance and AI photo sorting not necessary. Futureproofing is my main issue - I don't want to regret e.g. being left behind on the M.2/NVME train - but I'm not sure where the sweet spot between futureproofing and overspending lies for me. Love the channel and the site - any help you can offer would be much appreciated!
For your personal and family NAS needs, especially with a focus on remote file access and robust streaming capabilities, I recommend considering the Synology DS423+. Featuring a quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor and 4 bays for storage scalability, the DS423+ offers a reliable solution. The DSM interface ensures user-friendly navigation, and its hardware transcoding capabilities make it adept at handling multimedia content. To address futureproofing concerns, the DS423+ supports M.2 NVMe SSD caching, enhancing overall performance. In your quest for the right NAS, comparing Synology vs QNAP, the DS423+ proves to be a versatile choice.

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