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NAS Newbie

I have a WDMirror and it sucks. I have an Apple IOS household with about 15 devices from iPads, iPhones, iMacs, MacBook pros…etc. I am a UX Designer so interface is important to me over hardware upgrades and such. I need a place to store family photos and videos, ideally they would be accessible outside, personal cloud. I use Google Home so integration with Nest cameras would be nice, if I could store my own home video and have the software keep it for 30days then delete (this is not a priority). I do want easy to use easy to access with web interface and Apps… also Tech support that is not in India would be outstanding.
The DS223, equipped with the Realtek RTD1619B CPU and 2 GB DDR4 non-ECC memory, is a reliable choice for backup purposes, although it's important to note that no NAS systems directly integrate with Nest cameras for backup.

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