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Multimedia station for family

I've been thinking of setting up a NAS, I work in IT, but couldn't get into the hardware part so far.
Now my father really wants to get away from cloud solutions, family(5) is using for photos/docs.
I watched hours of your videos (2x speed, thanks for all the infos Big Grin) and I think I narrowed it down to the 1522+, so we are future proof and I can also use it for Docker / VM projects (opt).
Now he just mentioned he would also like to include movies (plex or..) and now I am a bit worried if my choice is still valid.
I watched comparisons that showed that .264 / 1080? is fine, but as soon as you go 4k (or remote) it can be difficult with just the CPU, especially if there are multiple people using it. No real exp here:/
Can you please help me verify my choice or should I switch to GPU integrated =423+ or is there other options? I think it should stay synology with the apps for ez family use?
And also what Disk size would you say to start with? 2x12-16tb?
Best regards
Hello! I appreciate your thorough research and consideration for setting up a multimedia station for your family. The Synology DS1522+ is indeed a robust choice, providing versatility for both storage and potential Docker/VM projects.

Concerning the inclusion of movies and potential 4K streaming via Plex, your awareness is spot-on. If you anticipate multiple users streaming 4K content simultaneously, especially remotely, the CPU might face challenges. In this scenario, opting for a model with hardware transcoding support, such as the Synology DS423+, could enhance your multimedia streaming experience. Synology's user-friendly interface and app ecosystem remain consistent across models.

Regarding storage size, starting with 2x12-16TB drives is a prudent choice, providing ample space for multimedia content, documents, and photos. This configuration can be expanded later if needed.

Your consideration of family-friendly use aligns well with Synology's ecosystem, making the DS423+ a worthy alternative to ensure smooth 4K streaming experiences. I hope this helps in finalizing your decision, and best wishes for your NAS setup!

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