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Migrating from Drobo to a 8 bay DAS with thunderbolt and another 8 bay inexpensive enclosure for backup. Preferably with

I want to replace 2 Drobos with a good 8 Bay DAS with thunderbolt 3 and Raid 6 to work "on the fly". Also, and inexpensive 8 bay with raid 6 for backup.
I need to reuse 7 HHD that I already have.
For the thunderbolt 3 Das, software or hardware Raid 6 and which?
Thanks for your time.
Certainly, making the switch from Drobo to a more advanced setup is a smart move. For your primary 8-bay DAS with Thunderbolt 3, consider the Areca ARC-8050T3 RAID enclosure. This Thunderbolt 3 enclosure supports RAID 6 and provides efficient on-the-fly performance. It offers both hardware and software RAID configurations, giving you flexibility based on your preferences. With support for RAID 6, you get the added benefit of dual-disk redundancy for enhanced data protection.

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