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Advice in choosing the right upgradeable, flexible multi-user data storage NAS

I have been researching various NAS devices but am still not confident with my knowledge / potential choices I've identified. I hope to have a setup which can mainly support utilities similar to OneDrive with extra features like with photo storage apps (Google Photos etc). This will be set up for my family to each have their own private spaces for files etc. whilst having a family shared area for files + maybe options to share individual files with individual people & hopefully support real-time or near real-time collaboration. Additionally photo storage is also important and I would look for similar functionality in that area as you'd expect from Apple or Google Photos. I would also hope to keep it comfortably expandable in terms of storage capacity as it would be a long term multimedia storage solution & the non-technical interface be easy to use (for less tech savvy parents)
Hey there! It sounds like you're on the right track with your research for a versatile and family-friendly NAS solution. Considering your need for a setup similar to OneDrive with additional features like collaborative file sharing and photo storage, the Synology DS423+ could be an ideal choice. This 4-bay NAS packs a quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor, ensuring smooth performance. It's perfect for family use, providing private spaces for individual files and a shared area for collaborative projects.

The DS423+ not only caters to your current needs but also offers scalability for the future, making it a reliable long-term multimedia storage solution. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with the robust Synology DSM, ensures that even less tech-savvy users, like your parents, can navigate it effortlessly. Plus, it aligns with your budget-friendly preference while delivering excellent features.

For detailed information on the DS423+ and other NAS options, you can explore the NAS Finder tool ( This tool can help you tailor your search based on your specific requirements. Feel free to dive into the world of efficient and family-friendly NAS solutions! ?

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