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first time buyer enclosure help

I'm having issues nailing down what hardware to buy for my first NAS. I want a 4-bay enclosure (but I'm open to up to 6-bays) that I will primarily use as a Plex server. I have a lot of HEVC files that need to be transcoded so integrated graphics are essential for me. Noise is also a large factor since I live in a one-room home so I think I want to run nothing larger than 8TB drives in RAID 5, but future expandablity and flexibility would be appreciated as my circumstances change. Two more nonessential features I'd like are ECC memory, and 2.5Gb ethernet ports (or higher). I am leaning towards 8TB WD Red Plus drives because they seem to be quiet. Really my bottleneck is enclosure. I had my eye on the Synology ds423+ because of the software but it doesn't quite tick all the boxes. Realistically I'm open to any brand and advice. My budget is US$1500-2000 but has flexibility. Thank you
Choosing the right NAS for your needs is crucial, especially for a first-time buyer like yourself. Considering your preference for Plex usage, integrated graphics for HEVC transcoding, and the desire for a quiet setup, the Synology DS423+ is a commendable choice. With its quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor and transcoding engine, it offers reliable performance. While it lacks ECC memory, it compensates with a robust feature set, including flexibility for future expansions. The DS423+ caters to your current needs and remains a solid investment for potential future requirements. Coupled with 8TB WD Red Plus drives, it strikes a balance between storage capacity, performance, and noise considerations. If you have more queries or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. For a comprehensive look at available NAS options, you might find the NAS Finder tool ( helpful. Happy NAS hunting! ?

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