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DS918+ RAM upgrade?

Hi, I'm writing from Italy so English is not my first language, I hope that the description and my questions down below will be clear enough.

I follow your YouTube channel and that helped me a lot during the choice of which NAS to buy for my home. I finally chosen the Synology DS918+ with 4x4TB WD RED HDDs.
I'm now in the process of upgrading the RAM from the standard 4GB. I know that both Intel and Synology recommends max 8GB for this type of CPU, but then I watched your video and read your article about upgrading it up to 16GB.
I surfed the web to study other users experiences and seems that this unofficial upgrade works with no issues.
I'm not a real tech guy about RAM, motherboard, etc., this is why I'm writing to you.

Reading you article I understood that DS918+ runs with a standard 1866 MT/s instead of a 1600 MT/s, so my questions are:
- is this unofficial upgrade a "kind-of-safe" upgrade not threatening my data, my HDDs and the NAS itself?
- should point to a 1866 vs 1600 for max compatibility and reliability in my home environment?
- I found these two 16GB kits (2x8GB) but I cannot see if there're any difference between them: CT2K102464BF186D or CT2K8G3S186DM

Thanks in advance for your help, and keep doing your videos as they're very informative and well done.
If you have any sponsored link, that ships to Italy where to buy the RAM kit, I'll be more than happy to buy there to support your great work.

Thanks and best regards
Synology doesn't recommend to upgrade to 16GB. They want to sell their own RAM. So they make this more complicated. Bus it is possible to upgrade using Crucial RAM. You need to match frequency. Make sure both sticks are the same.You might find this useful: hope this helps.

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