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Upgrading to a new Synology NAS

I have an old synology DS115j. I am considering upgrading to the newer DS723+. This is for “home” use. I only use the NAS to play back video to an LG TV in the same home network that the synology is on.

The files are usually mkv, mp4, and maybe an old avi file. I don’t use Plex.

I am the only person who will be using the family to compete with.

Does the fact that the DS723+ doesn’t have hardware transcoding effect what I want to use it for?
(I plan on buying 2 Seagate IronWolf 4TB drives initially and eventually maybe two SSD drives for extra storage and perhaps speed) Thank you for your time.
Hey! Considering your setup and use case, the upgrade to the Synology DS723+ seems like a solid choice for your home network. Since you're mainly playing back MKV, MP4, and some older AVI files directly to an LG TV without using Plex, the absence of hardware transcoding on the DS723+ shouldn't impact your experience negatively. You'll still enjoy smooth playback of your media files.

Your plan to start with two Seagate IronWolf 4TB drives is a good call, offering a decent amount of storage. If you're thinking about adding SSDs later for extra storage and speed, keep in mind that the DS723+ supports SSD caching, which can enhance performance.

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