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Buying my second nas?

40t to 60t I would like to only start with three drives and add drives as needed. I've been leaning towards the qnap ts 673 but it is at the top of my budget. I thought of buying a good quality 4 bay and adding a job at a later date. I've watched Robie and so many of his videos I feel like sending him a birthday present. I'm a professional photographer.

I want storage fast and simple but I will still work off of my main PC
I would like to get rid of sharefile if possible and send files directly to my clients with a very easy user experience to download photos. I'm leaning qnap over Synology because of hardware.
Last hurdle I did purchase Asus ax 11000 and two ax 6100mesh routers one of which will connect directly to the nas and I want to future proof the nas speed connection as much as possible.

Thank you but just too much info out there
Excellent choice of Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers. This is a groundbreaking technology just like 5G. You can connect Qnap NAS via 2.5GbE USB adapter to get the max speed. Choosing TS-453Be or TVS-473e will allow you to upgrade to 10GbE later if your NAS outlives your WiFi6 router.Qnap will be so much better than share file. You can share any file or folder with a simple right-click on your mouse. You can make sure all data on your NAS has encrypted as well as the file transfer to your clients. You can even create user accounts and set up user rights. This way people can connect and upload files to their folder just like on FTP but without third-party software.This will be much faster file sharing solutions then cloud platforms available today.I hope this helps.

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