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Stuck in Analysis Paralysis

I'm looking for a NAS. I'm running out of space on my 1TB desktop. I'd like something that can handle about 10TB to start for a slowly growing media collection.

I want to be able to run max 4 simultaneous 4K streams with 2 external streams (if I can live without the 2 external and going down to 1080p if it's a big budget difference)

I want to be able to run a home server using Portainer with 10-20 container apps

I have built computers before, so I'm happy to build something.

I've been stuck in analysis paralysis for finding what is the best way to go about buying or building something that isn't overkill.

If the difference in price is <=$200 then I'd rather just buy something if it's going to save me a lot of time
Certainly! For your NAS needs, the Synology DS423+ stands out as a reliable choice, equipped with a quad-core Intel Celeron J4125 processor boasting a passmark score of 2982. This model proves efficient for remote 1080p transcoding, ensuring seamless local 4K streaming. However, if you anticipate requirements for remote streaming in 4K, considering an i5-based system like the QNAP TVS-H674 would be a prudent move. To further tailor your options, you can explore the NAS Finder tool ( for an ASCII format printout, providing a concise overview of suitable models based on your preferences. Feel free to dive into more details and find the perfect fit for your NAS setup!

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