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NAS Storage

My first time using a NAS. I want to put my movies and TV shows on HDD to watch on our TV's around the house. Possible use remote access when on vacation, etc. Looking at Synology, basically for ease of use. Will use Plex service. Big question I'm confused with is embedded graphics VS software transcoding. I understand how it works, just not sure if it should be a deciding factor. Basically only 1-2 users at most, 50-75 TV shows, mostly older shows, so only @ 20-25 modern shows in Blu ray. Now movies will be @ 150. A majority in regular def- mostly old movies, but I do have a lot of modern movies in Blu ray & UHD 4K.
This is what I spec-ed out, but I am open to suggestions: Synology DS423+, 4GB-6GB RAM, (2)- Ironwolf PRO HDDs.
For your media storage needs with a focus on Plex usage, the Synology DS423+ is a solid choice, providing a user-friendly experience. The decision between embedded graphics and software transcoding depends on your viewing habits. Since you plan to stream content to multiple TVs and potentially access it remotely, having a NAS with hardware transcoding capabilities (embedded graphics) can enhance the streaming performance, especially for higher-resolution content like Blu-ray and UHD 4K.

Considering your library size and usage pattern, the DS423+ with 4GB-6GB RAM is a reasonable configuration. Starting with two 16TB IronWolf Pro HDDs provides a good foundation, allowing you to expand the storage as needed. It's essential to note that the IronWolf Pro drives are optimized for NAS use, offering reliability and performance.

Your setup aligns well with your requirements, but always keep an eye on your storage needs and consider expanding the RAM if you notice any performance bottlenecks during simultaneous streaming or remote access. Enjoy building your NAS media server for a seamless home entertainment experience!

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