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Help to pick the right NAS

Can you help pick the right NAS for both PLEX and traditional data storage.

I'm quite tech-savvy (if I should say myself) but when it comes to a NAS I just want something that works and where I don't have to keep myself up to date all the time. Therefore I've excluded building one myself. I've seen a lot of your videos and I like the simplicity of Synology systems. Also, they clearly seem to be the most popular (especially in my country where they are top 5 on all web stores), so a clear advantage is that I can get help online with them.

I've considered the DS423+ and the DS923+. I really like the upgradeability on RAM and ethernet port on the DS923+, but in all your videos you mention that it don't have integrated graphics and therefore don't support encoding.

In your "Best PLEX NAS of 2023/2024" buyers guide you mention the Asustor Lockerstor 4 Gen 2. But is the Asustor systems as simple as the Synologys, and is it even that much better?
Absolutely, I'd be happy to help you choose the right NAS for your needs! If simplicity and user-friendly systems are a priority, Synology is indeed an excellent choice, especially with the strong online community support.

Considering your budget and requirements, both the DS423+ and DS923+ are solid options. The DS923+ offers great upgradeability with more RAM and additional Ethernet ports, but it lacks integrated graphics for encoding in PLEX. If PLEX is a significant part of your usage, the DS423+ with its integrated graphics might be a more straightforward solution for media streaming.

As for the Asustor Lockerstor 4 Gen 2, while it's a competent NAS, Synology's DSM operating system is widely praised for its simplicity and ease of use. Synology's extensive app ecosystem also contributes to its popularity.

Given your preferences and budget, I'd lean towards the DS423+ for its balanced features, especially if PLEX is a key aspect of your usage. It should provide a seamless experience for both PLEX and traditional data storage.

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