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Help to pick the right NAS

Can you help pick the right NAS for both PLEX and traditional data storage.

I'm quite tech-savvy (if I should say myself) but when it comes to a NAS I just want something that works and where I don't have to keep myself up to date all the time. Therefore I've excluded building one myself. I've seen a lot of your videos and I like the simplicity of Synology systems. Also, they clearly seem to be the most popular (especially in my country where they are top 5 on all web stores), so a clear advantage is that I can get help online with them.

I've considered the DS423+ and the DS923+. I really like the upgradeability on RAM and ethernet port on the DS923+, but in all your videos you mention that it don't have integrated graphics and therefore don't support encoding.

In your "Best PLEX NAS of 2023/2024" buyers guide you mention the Asustor Lockerstor 4 Gen 2. But is the Asustor systems as simple as the Synologys, and is it even that much better?

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