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CMOS battery life

Firstly, thanks for the video on the disassembly of the Synology DS920+. I used it to repair my unit, which failed to power on at a specific time of day; everything else worked fine. I guess the CMOS KTS battery voltage was low, in fact it was 1.0V when it was removed. Once replaced the unit would power on at the right time.

It didn’t seem sense to run the unit over night, hence it was timed to turn on at 10am and off at 10pm. I bought the NAS in February 2021; I would have expected a longer battery life.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Perhaps extend the battery connection to an external holder, to minimise taking the unit apart.

Many thanks

I'm glad the disassembly video was helpful in resolving the issue with your Synology DS920+. Regarding the CMOS battery life, it's indeed unusual for it to deplete within such a short time, especially considering you purchased the NAS in February 2021.
I think new battery will last for long time now.

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